Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pornography - Part Three

Joseph Herrin (10-12-2017)

Pornography. It’s time for a change.

When I wrote about porn the first time I said I was installing Content Protect, but I did not notice it was sold only to companies. The fewest licenses I could get for Content Protect was 5. I did a little checking around and found out that Net Nanny is the same program as Content Protect. They are both put out by Content Watch. Net Nanny has the Internet Categories that are found in Content Protect, and Nudity is automatically blocked when it installs.

Net Nanny can be purchased for $27.99 at this time. Just add the code RETAIL30 in the appropriate spot. This will drop the price from $39.99. If you need additional licenses you can purchase them online. This is a one year subscription. It is definitely worth it.

I have wondered why I have only had one person write to me and ask about Content Protect. About 6 people have written to me total. It makes me think that not too many people are taking the matter seriously. Of course I don’t expect everyone to tell me about their plans, but I would think that more than one person would to come across the same problem this brother wrote to me about. Content Protect is a business product, and it is an excellent solution for those who need 5 different people enrolled. It is quite a bit more expensive than Net Nanny though.

Once you get the program installed, you may want to go to the Administrative Console to make changes. The changes can be made exactly as they were done in Content Protect. The only difference is the log in screen. They have added a Net Nanny login. If you have difficulty finding out how to get to the Administrative Console you just need to go to the system tray and click there (if you have Windows).

Admin Console

Setting up the categories is all you need to do if its just for one person. Setting up a range of users is necessary if you are doing it for a family. It’s a simple process that even I can do.

I can see that it is about to get a whole lot more sleazy on the web. If you haven’t safeguarded yourself against it yet, now is the time to do so. Now is the time to do so! NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO!

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